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Software for COOs

COOs and operations managers require a single platform for managing their entire business. OASIS delivers.
  • Create role-based dashboards without help from IT
  • Easily create and manage plans, budgets and forecasts with one of the most sophisticated EPM tools on the market for small and midsize companies
  • View and manage your business with one, customizable platform personalized to meet the requirements of your industry and exact business needs
Featured Resources
OASIS ERP Datasheet

OASIS ERP Datasheet

OASIS provides comprehensive, proven financial/ERP capabilities that integrate with your broader back-office, sales and service processes. OASIS enables businesses to slash IT costs; improve sales, marketing and accounting efficiency; and streamline order and procurement processes, eliminating onerous spreadsheet-based reporting and improving overall employee productivity.

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Predictive Analytics Whitepaper

Drive Operational Excellence with Predictive Analytics

Imagine a smarter business world where companies can profitably streamline their operational processes to meet ever-changing customer demands. Imagine not only optimizing your production and distribution channels, but also ensuring you hire and retain the right employees, who create the right product or service and deliver it at the right time. Imagine the impact of your processes being able to withstand short-term stresses or unexpected changes in the marketplace, rather than being rigid and based on long-term planning. Imagine your operational processes being a major source of your organization’s competitive advantage.

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Plan for Success White Paper

Plan for Success

CEOs continue to want to cut costs in some areas while increasing them in other, more strategic ones, in order to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world. The importance of an accurate enterprise plan has never been more critical. Yet, spreadsheets continue to dominate the planning process. Organizations can ill afford to be slowed by cumbersome and manual planning processes.

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