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Curious how Intellitek Systems can customize each solution? It begins with an online assessment of your needs and ends with a no-cost, no-obligation Technology Blueprint.

Small Business Accounting Software

Manage company finances, meet fiduciary responsibilities and generate accurate plans and forecasts with OASIS Financials


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Included in Silver

  • Introduction to your Customer Success Team
  • In-depth business analysis
  • Complete Digital Roadmap to guide your company's digital transformation




Custom goodness.

Included in Gold

  • Everything in Silver plus
  • Unlimited Users. No user fees. Ever. Period.
  • Enterprise-wide Business Analytics
  • Select the features and modules you need- never pay for what you don't use
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Personalized to your specific industry and business requirements based on your Digital Roadmap


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One Platform to rule them all.

Included in Platinum

  • Everything in Gold plus
  • Unlimited subsidiaries
  • Unlimited customization and "done for you" dashboards and reports for Life
  • Hosted in the cloud or on-premise- the choice is yours to make, and we'll provide expert guidance

Featured Resources

OASIS Financials Datasheet

OASIS Financials Datasheet

Every company eventually outgrows its accounting software. OASIS Financials is custom developed to scale with your growing needs.

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Creating the Modern Finance Organization White Paper

Creating the Modern Finance Organization

To succeed in today’s volatile business environment, CFOs need to ensure that their organizations have agile business processes and systems in place to drive growth, minimize risk and costs, and deliver the results expected by stakeholders. In recent years, the role of the CFO has evolved and expanded to include information technology (IT). But simply overseeing IT is not enough. To create a successful 21st-century finance organization, CFOs must become more strategic in their use of technology, and even become a catalyst for change. Becoming a strategic CFO necessitates a greater focus on leveraging IT- looking ahead as well as looking backward, focusing on the nonfinancial as well as the financial elements of critical decisions, and operating with an external and internal orientation.

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Is it Time to Move Beyond Quickbooks White Paper

Is it Time to Move Beyond Quickbooks?

In many instances, QuickBooks is inadequate. It lacks many of the capabilities growing businesses need and provides limited real-time visibility into essential business information. Because of QuickBooks limitations, companies are often forced to grow by adding more systems or applications for specific purposes- which often aren’t integrated with each other- and may revise or attempt to automate certain business processes. This can result in complexity that is rife with manual tasks and bottlenecks, increases the risks of errors, can hurt the customer experience, and can limit growth.

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