Manage Business

Performance, Visibility,

Inventory, Procurement,

HR, Marketing, Sales and

Service from one

platform- OASIS ERP

platform- OASIS ERP

Curious how Intellitek Systems can customize each solution? It begins with an online assessment of your needs and ends with a no-cost, no-obligation Technology Blueprint.

Small Business ERP

Personalized by your Customer Success team to fit your exact business and industry requirements, OASIS ERP is a single platform to run your entire business.

Learn more about how Intellitek Systems helps companies across a wide-range of industries reduce business expenses, increase profitability and streamline business operations with its flagship offering- OASIS ERP.


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No cost, no obligation
to get started.

Included in Silver

  • Introduction to your Customer Success Team
  • In-depth business analysis
  • Complete Digital Roadmap to guide your company's digital transformation




Custom goodness.

Included in Gold

  • Everything in Silver plus
  • Unlimited Users. No user fees. Ever. Period.
  • Enterprise-wide Business Analytics
  • Select the features and modules you need- never pay for what you don't use
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Personalized to your specific industry and business requirements based on your Digital Roadmap


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One Platform to rule them all.

Included in Platinum

  • Everything in Gold plus
  • Unlimited subsidiaries
  • Unlimited customization and "done for you" dashboards and reports for Life
  • Hosted in the cloud or on-premise- the choice is yours to make, and we'll provide expert guidance

Featured Resources

OASIS ERP datasheet

OASIS ERP Datasheet

OASIS provides comprehensive, proven financial/ERP capabilities that integrate with your broader back-office, sales and service processes. OASIS enables businesses to slash IT costs; improve sales, marketing and accounting efficiency; and streamline order and procurement processes, eliminating onerous spreadsheet-based reporting and improving overall employee productivity.

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The Benefits of Running Your Business on One Platform White Paper

The Benefits of Running Your Business on One Platform

With the economy in recovery, markets are once again poised for growth. As fast growing companies achieve greater market penetration and gain more customers, they face the challenge and opportunity of expanding to new locations and efficiently growing their business. They must be able to effectively manage their sales teams and channels and improve back-office efficiency, while ensuring high levels of service for customers.

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Cloud ERP: You Can't Afford to Wait White Paper

Cloud ERP: You Can't Afford to Wait

There are three essential reasons you should move to the cloud now:

  1. Your competitors are moving quickly.
  2. You need to address today’s business challenges.
  3. Waiting has real costs.

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