Profitably Manage Client

Engagements, Increase

Retention and Improve


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PSA Software

OASIS for Business Services is a single platform solution that enables service providers to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

  • OASIS for Business Services supports the entire project lifecycle on a single platform
  • OASIS for Business Services provides comprehensive client profiles, paired with marketing analysis, for customer segmentation
  • OASIS for Business Services supports analysis of all assets required for service delivery


Increase New Business and Contract Renewals

  • Gain visibility into opportunity and account management
  • Target the right clients, qualify leads, and upsell new services
  • Automatically create contracts and proactively manage renewals

Provide Consistent Service Delivery

  • Understand contract entitlements prior to service delivery
  • Deliver contracted service based on service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Optimize maintenance activities to effectively control costs

Improve Cost Controls and Proactively Manage Profitability

  • Control service delivery costs
  • Benchmark a proposed project against a similar completed engagement to generate a reliable quote, and conduct “what-if” planning to optimize billing and margins
  • Manage contract performance and margin analysis

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