Profitably Manage the
Modern Finance
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CFO Software

OASIS was cloud before cloud was cool.

Since 2008, CFOs have depended on OASIS to manage their finances while transitioning their company to the cloud. Equipped with not only the operational tools needed to run a modern finance organization, but also timely information and mission-critical reporting, CFOs rely on OASIS to:

  • Meet the regulatory demands of modern business
  • Keep up with digital transformation trends
  • Create industry-specific, personalized and role-based dashboards
  • Manage the modern finance organization
Featured Resources
OASIS Financials Datasheet

OASIS Financials Datasheet

OASIS Financials is a complete package of personalized financial applications to manage all of your organization’s accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management needs. The system can integrate with your current accounting package, or completely replace it.

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Modern Finance Organization White Paper

Empowering CFOs to Create the Modern Finance Organization

To succeed in today’s volatile business environment, CFOs need to ensure that their organizations have agile business processes and systems in place to drive growth, minimize risk and costs, and deliver the results expected by stakeholders. In recent years, the role of the CFO has evolved and expanded to include information technology (IT). But simply overseeing IT is not enough. To create a successful 21st-century finance organization, CFOs must become more strategic in their use of technology, and even become a catalyst for change. Becoming a strategic CFO necessitates a greater focus on leveraging IT- looking ahead as well as looking backward, focusing on the nonfinancial as well as the financial elements of critical decisions, and operating with an external and internal orientation.

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CFOs Guide to Big Data Finance White Paper

CFOs Guide to Big Data Finance

Google the phrase “big data finance” and you will most likely be met with page after page of results that focus on how the financial services and securities industries can use big data. What’s missing is an even more significant story: how CFOs, revenue management teams, financial planners and analysts, and other corporate finance executives in organizations of all kinds are finding new ways to use big data to help develop more accurate plans and forecast, grow revenues and margins, identify opportunities for new operational efficiencies, and improve overall business performance.

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